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Page history last edited by PBworks 12 years, 1 month ago

1.97c (12/10/08)

- Added radioactive ground to several of the campaign levels

- Added extra options to configuration menu, and now saving configuration to file

- Added code to display on-screen alert text

- Several bug fixes

1.97b (12/6/08)

- Added unit queue display to buildings (when selected)

- Added descriptive text to intro menu

- Unit trails and debris are now more visible

1.97 (12/5/08)

- Added new level 5

- Many bug fixes and UI tweaks

1.96b (12/4/08)

- Configuration menu added

- Single player campaign can now start at any level

- Added several more sounds

- Changed background music to classical

- Added statistics recording

- misc bug fixes

1.95 (12/2/08)

- Fixed bug where player's units abort build process when attacked

- Small UI tweaks (grabradora brightness, menu button spacing, etc.)

- Added 'rescuable' functionality, and added rescuable units to several of the campaign levels

1.94c (12/1/08)

- Changed bullet and explosion colors to make them easier to identify whose they are

- Added a bunch of unit sounds

- Added the first 'neutral' unit, the fireplant

- Added music (experimental, disable with '-musicoff')

- Added pause functionality to UI game speed button (right click)

- Misc bug fixes (esp. map editor menu crash)

1.93b (11/30/08)

- Updated resource, plant, and mountain textures

- Fixed several bugs (including a crash bug)

- Added fast-forward functionality via on-screen button

- Changed buster bullet appearance

1.92 (11/27/08)

- Fixed background texture to make it nicer on the eyes

- Adjusted player colors

- Enhanced AI to make it cancel buildings and fight when attacked

- Improved performance overall

- Map shading is now enabled by default

- Added explosion graphics

1.91 (11/26/08)

- Added new background texture (much nicer but makes download size much bigger)

- Updated graphics for several units and buildings

- Buildings and units can now be bigger than the square(s) they are located in, this gives sort of a 3D effect since one building can be behind another

- Misc. UI changes (highlighting, etc.)

- Added fog-of-war graduated shading, but because of big performance hit this is disabled by default (use '-mapshading' flag to see this)

1.88c (11/24/08)

- Made map scrolling (when mouse reaches edge of screen) smooth

- Mouse is now kept in window to make scrolling easier

- Added 'return to main menu' button, and now returns to main menu after game is over

- Moved resources (TGA, WAV) to ..\resources directory

- Fixed bug with terrain showing up improperly

- Selection of nearby units is now a bit tighter

- Thanks to the folks at allegro.cc and blizzforums.com for valuable feedback!

1.87 (11/21/08)

- Refactored how terrain is stored (map file format is different now)

- Small UI changes (color, text position, etc.)

- Added two new background textures (sand)

1.86b (11/20/08)

- Fixed nasty bug with map loading

- Adjusted brighness of a few sprites

1.85 (11/19/08)

- First public release

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