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See my latest project (RTS-inspired iPad game) here: 




The game's blog is here:








A Real - Time Science Fiction Strategy Game (Freeware)






Game Story


A new planet 'StarMinera' has been found, and you are in control of a team of robots who are sent to the planet. Very little is known about the planet, except that there are large amounts of variable minerals scattered around the planet. Your mission is to gather as many minerals as possible while exploring the planet.


There are rumors that at least one additional team of robots, owned by a competing mining company, have also been sent to StarMinera to gather minerals. You gave been given permission to destroy these other robots, as they will likely attack you in order to maximize their own profits. You have been given state-of-the-art robotics technology in order to properly defend yourself.



(Gameplay video)



Game Description


ART(SG) is a 2-D Real-Time Strategy game (tactical simulation) developed by Jeff Wisgo in C++ (roughly 18,000 lines of code) using the Allegro graphics library. Most of the graphics are ray-traced, using either Blender, or Povray (with Moray). It shares many things in common with classic RTS games such as Starcraft (though it is not a Starcraft clone), and includes features such as:


  • Challenging single player campaign with 9+ levels
  • Over 15 different AI types, to provide a challenge against even the seasoned RTS player
  • Each unit gains experience and can increase level, which improves stats
  • Voice (Unit voices, alerts, etc.) and background music
  • Minimap
  • Full-screen tactical map
  • Unit groups (including UI buttons for group and auto-group assignment system)
  • Load/Save functionality
  • Record/Replay functionality
  • Built in level editor
  • "Defend Challenge" special game mode
  • Event alerts (building complete, etc.)
  • Player statistics
  • Randomly generated maps
  • Ground decals (blood, laser blast marks, etc.)
  • 2-player multiplayer support over TCP/IP (* currently being refactored)



ART is currently closed-source shareware, but I am considering making the game open source under GPL, depending on developer interest. If you are interested in contributing to the project in the form of development, art, testing, or even ideas, please send Jeff an email at locksleyu (at) gmail.com. He loves to hear from people! (:


Find information about each release including download links here.


The ART developers blog can be found here here.


Feedback, both positive and negative, is very welcome. Email me at locksleyu(at)gmail.com, or post via the feedback page.



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