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ART releases


New release today (12/10/08) - Added radioactive ground!


Get latest release here (1.97c)


Get older releases here. I will probably be making weekly releases, so please check back in a little while.


Note: Currently the only binary available is for Windows. For those on Linux or MacOS wishing to play, please send a request email to me locksleyu (at) gmail.com. If I get enough emails I may do some porting work.




Find the release changelog here


Install instructions


1) Unzip the release file to anywhere on your hard drive.

2) Run "Art.exe" (double click on it in windows) within the directory where you extracted the release file.

2b) For those wanting to run it in full screen mode, Run "Art.exe -full" from the command prompt (while in the directory where you extracted the files).

3) Please take the short survey shown below, and send any other feedback me at locksleyu (at) gmail.com. If I don't receive much feedback I'll probably move onto another project, so if you enjoyed this let me know. (



ARTSG survey


For anyone nice enough to provide feedback, I would appreciate if you fill out the following survey questions. Make sure to click the "DONE" button below the survey questions once you have completed them.


If you want to be really nice, zip the .rec files from the directory where you unzipped the game, and send those to me so I can watch your games (: